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To communicate internationally, do you need to subtitle your videos in more languages at lower cost?

Your subtitles need to be of the highest quality, and you don’t necessarily have the time to proofread and correct them?

They chose us

Do you need multilingual subtitles for your international projects?

SPOTL offers you new opportunities

For the same price, you can handle more languages!

No time to check the translation yourself?

Our post-publishers do it for you!

Our interfaces are accessible to all without training

You can manage your projects independently!

Do you want your subtitles to reflect your image?

You can dress them up or down as you like!

Even more services with SPOTL


You can import a list of proper nouns and terms specific to your business.
Your content is perfectly transcribed!


Subtitles automatically adapt to your video format.
No technical intervention required!


Subtitle overlay is fully managed within the application.
You get a ready-to-use video!

Because your image is at stake, your subtitles must be of impeccable quality?

Post-editing is THE solution!

For perfect results, a proofreading stage is essential.
It is an integral part of the SPOTL process and guarantees the quality of the final rendering.

Thanks to SPOTL post-editing, you’ll gain in quality!

You entrust post-editing to SPOTL

Our certified professional post-editors ensure the quality of your subtitles.

Freed from correction tasks, your employees can focus on their core business.

Compared to in-house post-editing, you save precious time. Quality and deadlines are guaranteed.

Are several departments involved in subtitling?

Employee management

You can create as many users and user groups as you need.

Role management

Depending on the profile, you decide who has access to what and with what rights.

Automatic alerts

All completed tasks are immediately notified to the people concerned.

Task tracking

As a manager, you can monitor the status of your employees’ work.

There’s every reason to choose SPOTL

It’s simple, it’s SPOTL!

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