Collaborative management

High-performance tools to manage your project as a team

Thanks to our intuitive, functional interfaces, you can manage your users, content and services all at once.

You’ll optimize teamwork… and the final result!


SPOTL lets you manage your subtitles on your own. No special technical skills or prior training are required.

The application is ergonomic and easy to use.

Manage your users

Are there several of you working on the project?
You choose an administrator, who will manage as many collaborators and collaborator groups as you need for this project… and future ones.

Differentiated access for your employees

Does everyone in your team have a role to play?
You can choose who has access to what and for which task: upload, post-editing, validation, exports…

Every member of staff is involved in the right way.

Efficient project management

The SPOTL process allows you to optimize each intervention and save time.
You’re alerted by e-mail as soon as content is ready.

Managing your SPOTL services

Need an overview of all your SPOTL projects?
You have access to a dashboard summarizing the history of your work on SPOTL.

You can change your formula at any time.

It’s simple, it’s SPOTL!

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