SPOTL was born from the combination of multilingual subtitling professionals and artificial intelligence specialists. This dual expertise is the company's DNA.
The company SPOTL in Paris
Multilingual Subtitling and Artificial Intelligence.
SPOTL is a subsidiary of Media Solution, a company specialized in multilingual subtitling since 2012.
It benefits from Media Solution's know-how and professional network, while relying on the major advances of AI in automatic language processing.
Un positionnement unique
Unique positioning.
Released in September 2021, SPOTL is the only automatic captioning solution with integrated post-editing.
As a software publisher and post-editing service provider, SPOTL is always at the forefront of technological innovation and best practices in professional post-editing.
Our team
Picture of Jean-Pierre Pinco
Co-founder of Media Solution and SPOTL, Jean-Pierre brings the know-how and technique of the audiovisual sector. At the same time, he loves permaculture and taking care of his garden.
Picture of Honorine Sébyre
Honorine is in charge of business development at Spotl. When she is not working, she loves traveling and taking care of her houseplants and her dog.
Picture of Gautier Meister
Gautier is responsible for customer success: onboarding, engagement and high-touch support, he makes customer satisfaction his priority. He loves cooking and is learning Japanese.
Photo de David Mathieu
David supervises all the technical department and Artificial Intelligence of SPOTL. He is passionate about mountains in all their forms: skiing, hiking, trail.
Picture of Kevin Hättig
Kevin is involved in all levels of development, it is thanks to him that the platform came to life! When he's not coding, he tries his hand at the piano and the guitar.
Picture of Camille Clerc
Camille designs the most pleasant and user-friendly platform for Spotl users. Her little plus ? She was a chef before turning to web development.
Picture of Oussama Ben Slama
Oussama is in charge of SPOTL's data management and analysis. Artificial Intelligence has no secret for him! He is also a great fan of underwater fishing.
Picture of Camille Louis
Camille is a translator and manages all the professional post-editing part. She supervises SPOTL's entire team of professional post-editors. Her hobby? Making her own soaps!
Picture of Elena Battisti
Elena assists Camille Clerc on all front end development, attentive to good web practices in UI/UX and accessibility. When she's not coding, she practices hiking, trail running and yoga.
SPOTL's international network of post-editors

1,000+ certified contributors in 36 countries.

Thanks to our experience in multilingual subtitling, we currently have an international network of transcribers and translators, specialized in post-editing.
To join our network, you have to have proved your professionalism and successfully passed our SPOTL certification process.

Want to join our team?

Are you passionate about technological challenges and language processing?