Guaranteed optimal protection of your data

Your data security is our top priority. We are sure to implement the best practices in this field.

Infrastructure security

With SPOTL, you benefit from the highest level of security available
Sécurité maximale garantie par SPOTL
All our systems are hosted on the cloud. We use Google Cloud Platform, which meets the main certifications, and which offers a high level of security.
Sécurité certifiée par SPOTL
Our servers are located in ultra-secure Tier IV data centers, in accordance with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS regulations.
SPOTL utilise des serveurs dédiés
Dedicated servers
We use our own servers, which are monitored day and night to check for security, power, air conditioning or temperature issues.
SPOTL garantit la domiciliation
Our servers are hosted in Europe, mainly in Belgium and Germany, and subject to European regulations, including the GDPR.
Access security

Several successive layers of security protect you against possible intrusions
SPOTL garantit un réseau privé
Private network
Our framework relies on a virtual private cloud (VPC) and a virtual private network (VPN). None of our machine's IP adresses are public.
Protection renforcée de vos données privées
Enhanced protection
A firewall checks data trafic in both directions, with IP address filtering. All transferred data is encrypted using HTTPS protocol.
Sécurité via des données chiffrées
Data encryption
All data (videos, user information, passwords...) are encrypted with the Transfer Layer Security (TLS) protocol and benefit from SSL certificates.
Contrôle continu de la sécurité
Continuous control
We use a solution that identifies potential attacks and allows us to quickly contain any security breach.
Data security

Your strategic elements are doubled and monitored to prevent any incident
SPOTL effectue des sauvegardes des données
We backup all the critical elements of our systems: your data, and every component that allows access to it.
SPOTL garantit la persistance des données
Data recovery
We regularly restore this data to make sure we are able to provide a rapid response in the event of an incident.
Data privacy

SPOTL is committed to protecting your personal data
SPOTL garantit la conformité RGPD
GDPR conformity
We process your data in compliance with the GDPR, which supervizes data processing and collecting in EU territory.
SPOTL garantit la confidentialité
Our collaborators don't have access to it, except for support reasons. They all signed confidentiality clauses which protect sensitive information.
You have every reason to choose SPOTL
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