Our commitment to quality for successful subtitles!

At SPOTL, quality is our watchword. We do everything to give you the best. Your subtitles are perfect. You improve your image and audience!

Gain quality at every step
AI processing
Automatic transcriptions and translations are optimal, as they are powered with the most efficient tools on the market.
To further improve transcriptions and translations, you can easily correct them with our user-friendly administration tools.
No time to correct yourself? spotl takes care of this and is committed to professional delivery quality, thanks to its 1,000 certified post-editors.
These successive steps, combined with our custom subtitle generating tool, guarantee the quality of the final output.
AI solution quality

All these features together produce better quality subtitles.
SPOTL guarantees optimal performance of its platform
Everything that can be automated (transcription, translation, subtitling) is automated, and with powerful, efficient and constantly improving tools.
SPOTL guarantees an optimal  segmentation of your subtitles
Thanks to a fine syntactic analysis of your content, the caesura between your subtitles are relevant. The segmentation of your subtitles is optimal.
SPOTL intègre les bonnes pratique du sous-titrage professionnel
Professional standards
For the automatic generation of your subtitles, SPOTL has designed and developed a unique innovative solution, integrating the best practices of professional subtitling.
The SPOTL platform allows enhanced readability
Thanks to our advanced programming rules, the number of characters per subtitle is optimized and on-screen readability is enhanced.
Management quality

By post-editing at each stage and according to SPOTL guidelines, you can significantly improve the efficiency of the AI and the final output of your content.
Professional post-editors operate on the correction
Quality control
Human intervention to correct AI content is an integral part of the SPOTL process.
The SPOTL platform is user-friendly
The way SPOTL works, the ergonomics of the post-editing screens, the online help, everything is designed to make your correction work as easy as possible.
Spotl is the only multi-interface platform on the market
SPOTL is the only solution that provides post-editing interfaces at every stage, not just at the final subtitle validation stage.
Professional post-editing service quality

Thanks to this service, SPOTL provides you with your proofread and corrected subtitles as soon as possible, ready to be validated.
Spotl works with certified professional translators
SPOTL post-editing
You have high quality requirements and lack the time to correct? SPOTL takes care of it for you, thanks to its network of professional post-editors.
Compliance with professional standards: ISO 18587 for post-editing
This service, which integrates the proofreading and correction of your AI-generated content, meets the professional standards of post-editing (ISO 18587).
Spotl is accessible continuously
We are the only platform to offer an integrated post-editing service, available 24/7 internationally.
Post-editors' quality

Our network of certified professionals has everything in hand to ensure the post-editing of your content in the best conditions.
SPOTL rigorously selects its professional translators
All our post-editors are subject to a strict selection process. They are trained in our methods and respect a quality charter and deadlines set by SPOTL.
Subtitling is post-edited by professionals
They ensure quality control at every stage of automatic generation. They all correct content exclusively in their native language.
You have every reason to choose SPOTL
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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