Professional post-editing
Proofreading and correction service by our certified post-editors
Thanks to our network of over 1,000 professionals in 36 countries, you can entrust us with the verification of your automated content.
You gain in quality... and tranquility!

Your subtitles already checked by pros

Time saving

More time for what you're good at


Fast and guaranteed delivery times


On-demand service available in one click

SPOTL innovates and offers you an alternative
Human processing
Excellent quality
No corrections
Longer delays
Higher costs
+ human processing
Automatic transcription, translation and subtitling, post-edited by professionals
The best of AI + the best of post-editing
Short delays
Good quality
Lower costs
No corrections
Automatic processing
Very short delays
Lower costs
Poorer quality
Lots of corrections
Proofreading and correction of your content
SPOTL offers the proofreading of your content in pre- or post-editing
Proofreading and correction of your content
Our professional post-editors take care of your transcriptions and machine translations. They correct the main errors: punctuation, spelling, syntax, terminology, oral language, mistranslations, ambiguities...
Better quality, better subtitles.
Post-editor certification
Post-editor certification
All of our post-editors are strictly selected, trained and transcribe and/or translate into their native language. They respect precise specifications, meeting the professional standards of post-editing (ISO 18587).
Your videos are in
good hands!
Save time for your teams
Time saving for your teams
By entrusting the proofreading and correction of your content to spotl, your teams save precious time. Your subtitles are delivered already corrected.
All you have to do is add the final touch and give your approval!
Up to 8x faster
Up to 8 times faster
Available on all 24 time zones, our post-editors can jump in at any time to proofread and correct your content. spotl guarantees delivery time.
Your post-edited videos are delivered in just a few hours.
Up to 8 times faster
Available 24/7
The post-editing service is available at any time. You can easily activate it through your SPOTL account.

Depending on the length of your video, your language skills and your availability, you may or may not choose SPOTL post-editing.
Your subtitles, post-edited in 14 languages

With over 1,000 collaborators in 36 countries, our post-editing service is available in 14 languages
-Brazilian Portuguese
-Simplified Chinese
On request, we can roll out new languages, with the same quality standards.
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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