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The SPOTL task-taking interface

Published: Oct. 24, 2022 by: Marie Poncin

Getting started as a post-publisher on SPOTL

I - The dashboard

The dashboard is the central part where you can find the videos available in real time.

1- Badges

Depending on the badge assigned, it is possible to see a different number of tasks:

Certified: up to 10 tasks

Confirmed: up to 20 tasks

Expert: up to 30 tasks

Master: up to 50 tasks

Grand Master: up to 100 tasks

Galactic: up to 200 tasks!

These badges are awarded to you according to the performance and quality of your work on SPOTL. If the work is of good quality, you will be able to acquire a new badge, and see more tasks on the platform!

2- The video preview

When you click on a video, a preview window appears, and several elements are important to detail:

a- The video extract

It allows you to contextualise the task you have to work on. What is it about? Several people talking? Etc. The extract lasts 30 seconds. During this time, the video is reserved for you for 1 minute. It will no longer appear on the dashboard of other post-editors.

b- Languages

Below the extract, you can see whether it is a pre-editing or post-editing task, as well as the language required for this video.

c- The numbers

Below the languages, you will find the length of the video, the keywords entered by the client (there are not always any, so don't panic if you don't see it), the total price of the video, as well as the recommended working time for the task.

d- Accept the task

At the very bottom, after having analysed the various information at your disposal, you will find a small warning telling you that the task you decide to take must be done immediately.

Indeed, you cannot accept the video and book it for later. Our clients often work with relatively short deadlines, and we have to make sure we respect them as much as possible. Once you have taken all this into account, you can check the box "I can finish it" and click on "Accept".

And let's go!

II- Invoice tracking

On the right-hand side of your SPOTL dashboard, you will find the follow-up of your invoices. When you log in, the tracking will automatically be set to the current month. With the arrows on either side of the month, you can navigate and find your previous invoices, or return to the current one.

1- Pre and post-editing section

In this invoice tracker, you will be able to find the details of your worked tasks, whether they are pre- or post-editing, with the price of the videos in question.

The total is also displayed underneath, with details of the overall time taken, as well as your current balance.

2- The ratio

Under the total, there is a graph showing the price of the video, and the time you spent working on it. You can thus see your ratio, and the total profitability of the videos taken in the month.