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Our tool is made for you!
Do you need to subtitle large volumes of video, and broadcast them almost instantly, for a reasonable price?
Do your subtitles need to be perfect, but you don't have time to proofread and correct them all?



A tailored platform for all your videos


Your transcription, generated in a few seconds

Saving money

Much cheaper than a 100% human transcription

Editorial quality

Your transcription with no mistakes thanks to our post-editors


Less corrections, more time to focus on work

Do you need a solution as reactive as you are?
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Our platform is available 24/7
You can use it anytime!
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Our interfaces are simple and intuitive
You manage your transcriptions independently!
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Automatic transcription takes just a few seconds
You just need to proofread and approve them!
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Don't have time to proofread?
Our post-editors do it for you!
Even more reactivity with SPOTL
Even more reactivity with SPOTL
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The subtitles automatically adapt to your video's format
No technical intervention needed!
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The burning of your subtitles is entirely managed in the application.
You receive a video that's ready to use!
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Your subtitle files are generated in professional formats.
All you have to do is export them!
As a content editor, do your subtitles need to be perfect?

Post-editing is THE solution!

For a flawless result, a proofreading and correction stage is key.
It's an integral part of the SPOTL process, and guarantees the quality of the final product.

Thanks to SPOTL post-editing,
you gain in quality, each and every time!
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Internal post-editing
You are responsible for the final product.
Your collaborators know and master your content. They are in the best position to ensure a perfect transcription.
Compared to 100% manual transcription, you gain time and money, and quality is ensured.
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SPOTL post-editing
Our certified post-editors ensure the quality of your subtitles. Free from proofreading tasks, your colleagues can focus on their work.
Compared to internal post-editing, you gain precious time. Quality requirements and deadlines are met.
Do you have several departments involved in subtitling?

Everything is designed for teamwork
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Collaborator management
You can create as many users and user groups as needed.
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Role management
For each profile, you decide who can access what, and with what permissions.
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Automatic alerts
Any completed task is immediately notified to the people involved.
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Task management
As a manager, you can oversee your colleagues' progress on a project.
You have every reason to choose SPOTL
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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