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To communicate abroad, do you need to translate and subtitle your videos in more languages for a lower price?
Do you need quality subtitles, but don't have enough time to proofread and correct them all yourself?



Your translations without errors, thanks to our post-editors.


Less corrections, more time to focus on your work

Saving money

Cheaper than a 100% human translation


Your subtitles burned without delay


Guaranteed security for your sensitive data

Do you need multilingual subtitles to work abroad?
Spotl offers many languages ​​of translation
SPOTL offers new professional opportunities
SPOTL offers you new opportunities.
For the same price, you can process more languages!
SPOTL offers a translation verification service
No time to check the translation yourself?
Our post-editors do it for you!
The SPOTL platform is intuitive and simple
Our interface is easy to use with no training
You can manage your projects independently!
The platform offers customization tools
Do your subtitles need to be in your image?
You can personalize them to match your brand!
Even more services with SPOTL
Even more services with SPOTL
Spotl has many tools
SPOTL allows you to enter a glossary for the post-editors
You can import a list of proper nouns and terms specific to your industry.
Your content is perfectly transcribed!
The subtitles automatically adjust to your video's format
No technical intervention needed!
Your burned subtitles are entirely managed in the application
You receive a video that's ready to use!
Because your brand image's at stake, your subtitles need to be perfect?

Post-editing is the solution!

For a flawless result, a proofreading and correction stage is key.
It's an integral part of the SPOTL process, and guarantees the quality of the final product.
Thanks to SPOTL post-editing,
you gain in quality, each and every time!
Professional subtitling
Internal post-editing
You are responsible for the final product.
Your collaborators know and master languages. They are the best people to ensure the translation of your videos in those languages.
Compared to 100% human translation, you gain time and money, and quality is ensured.
Spotl takes care of your post-editing jobs
SPOTL post-editing
Our certified post-editors ensure the quality of your subtitles. You and your colleagues can focus on your work, all you have to do is approve them!
Compared to internal post-editing, you gain precious time. Quality requirements and deadlines are met.
Do you have several departments involved in subtitling?

Everything is designed for teamwork
Teamwork facilitated by SPOTL
Collaborator management
You can create as many users and user groups as needed.
Possible role organization on SPOTL
Role management
For each profile, you decide who can access what, and with what permissions.
Integrated alert system
Automatic alerts
Any completed task is immediately notified to the people involved.
Automated intuitive workflow
Task management
As a manager, you can oversee your colleagues' progress on a project.
You have every reason to choose SPOTL
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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