An innovative ecosystem powered by Artificial Intelligence

spotl has designed a unique solution: powerful automatic subtitle generation tools with integrated post-editing. Your subtitles are perfect and it saves you a lot of time!

SPOTL innovates at every step
AI processing
Your multilingual transcriptions and translations are provided by the most powerful professional APIs on the market.
Our advanced administration tools allow you to manage your content, your users and your services independently.
The only automatic subtitling solution with integrated post-editing, spotl offers you an unparalleled quality service.
With our custom module, your subtitles meet the readability requirements of professional subtitling.
SPOTL's innovation:
Combining automation and human intervention

The entire process was designed to optimize post-editing and make the most of AI's potential.
SPOTL upload video
Automatic transcription
+ human post-editing
Machine translation
+ human post-editing
SPOTL allows you to validate and export the videos
and exports
We offer you the best
SPOTL, the high-performance professional solution of the market
The most efficient professional solutions on the market
Speech Matics (professional speech-to-text API) for automatic transcription
Deepl and Google Translate (in its professional version) for machine translation
Our "plug and play" technical architecture allows us to integrate new, more efficient solutions at any time.
It is the guarantee for you to always have access to the best with spotl!
A unique automatic subtitling module
A unique SPOTL automatic subtitling technology
A unique automatic subtitling module
Thanks to our subtitle analysis model based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) and our advanced programming rules, your subtitles respect the rules of professional subtitling: relevant segmentation, limited number of signs, adaptation of the number of signs to the video format...
The segmentation and readability of your subtitles are optimal!
Intuitive and powerful administration tools
SPOTL administration tools are intuitive and efficient
Intuitive and powerful administration tools
With spotl, you can manage your users: collaborators, groups of collaborators, languages associated with each. You can oversee the work of your teams and you are alerted as soon as a task is completed.
You can manage your services and decide at any time when to use spotl professional post-editing.
You have everything you need to successfully complete your subtitling projects!
You have every reason to choose SPOTL
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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