How does it work?

It's simple, it's SPOTL!

SPOTL génère vos sous-titres en 3 étapes
SPOTL generates your subtitles in 3 steps
Once your video in MP4 format is uploaded, SPOTL automatically transcribes, translates and generates your subtitle

SPOTL garantit une qualité supérieure
SPOTL ensures constant quality control
At each stage, you can post-edit by yourself or activate SPOTL's professional post-editing service.

In this case, SPOTL commits to respecting quality and deadlines.

SPOTL incruste les sous-titres sur vos vidéos
SPOTL provides immediately usable exports
After your final check, SPOTL generates your subtitled video in MP4 and your subtitle files in broadcast formats.

SPOTL facilite le travail d'équipe
SPOTL allows you to manage your projects in teams
Create users or groups of users and distribute tasks.

Thanks to email alerts and the dashboard, you can monitor your project efficiently.

SPOTL protège vos données
SPOTL guarantees the security of your data
Thanks to its Tier IV technical infrastructure and its reinforced protection, SPOTL offers you the highest level of security available.

It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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