To whom?

Digital media, large companies and institutions

SPOTL was designed specifically for digital media
Travail d'équipe facile à gérer via SPOTL
Marketing director, social network manager…
Because you need to react quickly, SPOTL generates your subtitles in a few minutes.

Because your subtitles must be perfect, SPOTL offers post-editing. Your content is proofread and corrected by professionals.

SPOTL, un outil marketing efficace
Production manager, technical director…
Because your projects involve several departments, SPOTL has everything in place to dispatch and monitor the work internally.

For professional-grade subtitling, SPOTL integrates the rules of readability and all broadcast formats.

Offre tarifaire SPOTL adaptée à vos besoins
A price offer adapted to the media
Platform access valid for 1 year for 10, 50 or 100 hours of video

SPOTL post-editing credits for 100 or 1000 minutes

SPOTL was designed from the start for large companies and international institutions
SPOTL appuie toute votre stratégie de communication vidéo
Communications managers, internal communications, social network managers…
Because you need to translate your videos, SPOTL generates your subtitles in all languages.

Because your subtitles must be perfect, SPOTL integrates post-editing.
You can post-edit in-house or entrust the corrections to our certified professionals.

SPOTL garantit la sécurité et protection des données
Head of the audiovisual department, technical director…
Because you may work on the same project, SPOTL integrates user and role management.

Because your videos can be confidential, SPOTL ensures security and data protection.

L'offre tarifaire SPOTL est adaptée aux entreprises
A price offer adapted to institutions
For occasional needs: a platform access valid for 1 month for 1 to 10 hours of video.

For recurring needs: a platform access valid for 1 year for 10 to 50 hours of video.

You have every reason to choose SPOTL
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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