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Spotl benefits from the international expertise of Media Solution
12 years of experience with multilingual subtitling
SPOTL was created by Média Solution, a company that specializes in multilingual subtitling.

For 12 years, Média Solution has translated and subtitled films and videos in over 40 languages.

With a network of over 400 professional translators, they manage all kinds of programs for cinema, companies and institutions.

Skills and network for your subtitling projects.
Skills and network for your subtitling projects
Media solution, pioneers of online subtitling
Cloud-based platform pioneers since 2013
We quickly realized the potential of digital tools to help with teamwork.

In 2013, Média Solution equipped itself with an online platform for their clients to manage and approve subtitles: sous-titrage.net.

Over 200 clients successfully use it every year.

This successful experience paved us the way to create SPOTL.
This successful experience paved us the way to create SPOTL
SPOTL team of artificial intelligence engineers
Artificial intelligence expertise
Our tech team has the know-how to design and create a tool that integrates AI, machine learning and automatic language processing.

With cutting-edge technology, they developed a subtitle generating module, as well as our administration and post-editing tools.

Our solution takes full advantage of the potential of AI.
Our solution takes full advantage of the potential of AI
Professional post-editors network
Post-editing experience
Post-editing is a new job, which appeared to correct AI-generated content.

It's similar to the work of a translation proofreader.

To take on this task, SPOTL has an internal network of over 1,000 certified post-editors in 36 countries at its disposal.

We have the expertise and the personnel to provide the best post-editing for your content.
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