A powerful solution to save time... and money!

With spotl, everything is optimized to go fast and make your work easier. You generate your subtitles in record time and at a very competitive price. Your subtitles are generated up to 8 times faster and are up to 5 times cheaper than with a than with a traditionnal process.

Save time at each step
AI processing
Your subtitles are generated almost instantly, thanks to the power of our AI-powered tools.
Post-editing (proofreading & correction) by yourself is easy, thanks to our intuitive and shared administration interfaces.
No time to proofread and correct? spotl takes care of this and commits to deadlines, thanks to its international network of over 1,000 post-editors.
Validating is made easy, as the main corrections have already been made in the post-editing stages.
Optimize teamwork

All these features provide you flexibility and efficiency
SPOTL travaille avec des traducteurs professionnels certifiés
User management
Once you have registered your teammates in the application, you can give them acces to one or multiple projects at once.
Organisation des rôles possible sur SPOTL
Role management
You can assign a collaborator to a language. For each video in this language, they will be suggested to you.
SPOTL permet de travailler en équipe
Customized access
Depending on the project, you can easily assign a team member to a particular task: uploading, post-editing, validation, exports...
SPOTL vous envoie des alertes par mail
Email notifications
Any employee involved in a task is automatically alerted by email as soon as the corresponding content is ready.
Save money on every level

With our software solution and our sevices, you can process more content for a lower price
SPOTL utilise des outils basés sur l'Intelligence Artificielle
Transcription, translation
Be it for a transcription or a translation, SPOTL's AI-powered tools can considerably reduce your costs.
SPOTL permet de travailler en équipe
Project management
Thanks to our advanced features, you can optimize your project management and involve only the relevant team members.
Des post-éditeurs professionnels interviennent sur la correction
SPOTL post-editing
You choose to entrust SPOTL with the post-editing? Our rates remain very competitive: up to 5 times less expensive than traditional subtitling.
Working time
You and your teams gain in efficiency. You limit the time spent on the project... and time is money!
Make your life easier

You stay focused on the main thing: your content.
SPOTL offre des services de personnalisation
Visual identity
Do your subtitles have to respect your corporate identity? You can choose a format, which will become the default for all your projects.
La plateforme SPOTL est ergonomique
Do you want to entrust the post-editing of a project to spotl? Change plan? You can manage your preferences in a few clicks!
Do you have several video formats? No problem! Our subtitles automatically adapt to the format of each uploaded video.
Do you need professionally formatted subtitle files? Fully subtitled videos? Everything is provided as standard.
You have every reason to choose SPOTL
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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