Collaborative management
Powerful tools to manage your project as a team
Thanks to our functional and intuitive interfaces, you can manage your users, your content and your services at the same time.
You optimize teamwork... and the final result!
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Distribution of tasks among your employees


Administration tools accessible to all


Task tracking and automatic alerts


Optimized proofreading and validation

The SPOTL platform is intuitive and easy to use
With spotl, you can manage your subtitles independently. No technical skills or prior training is required.
The application is ergonomic and user-friendly.
Managing your users
User management
Are you working on the project in a team?
You can choose an administrator, who will manage as many colleagues and groups of employees as necessary for this project... and the following ones.
Different logins for your colleagues
Different accounts for your teammates
Does each individual within your team have a different role?
You can choose who can access what, for each task: uploading, post-editing, approval, exports...
Everyone can get involved.
Post-edit your content internally
Post-editing your content internally
Do you want quality subtitles?
Your content needs to be proofread and corrected. This is post-editing. SPOTL provides you with easy to use post-editing interfaces and remote help at every stage of your project (transcription/translation).
Efficient project management
SPOTL platform optimizes your productivity
Efficient project management
The SPOTL process helps you to optimize each task, and save time.
You are notified by email when your content is ready. You can post-edit and validate without delay.
Management of your SPOTL services
Do you need an overview of all your spotl projects?
You have access to a dashboard showing the history of your work on spotl. You can change your plan at any time.
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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