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SPOTL post-editors ensure the quality control of the automatically-generated content. They go through a strict selection process, and are certified by SPOTL before they start working.

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The post-editors role
For example, content proofreading content
The post-editor's role
Our post-editors ensure the proofreading and correction of AI content at every stage: transcription / translation.

Their job is a complex balance: they are not asked to rewrite everything, but to make sure that the subtitles are faithful to what is said in the video and free of any language mistakes.
Our post-editors ensure the final quality
SPOTL certification
A post-editor certified by SPOTL
The SPOTL's certification
Being a post-editor is not something you can improvise. It requires the skills of a subeditor for transcription and a professional translator for translation.

All of our post-editors undergo a strict selection process. They all transcribe and/or translate exclusively into their native language.
They are committed to the standards of professional post-editing (ISO 18587)
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The rules of professional post-editing - June 2021
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SPOTL is looking for pre-editors
Pre-editor for transcription
mission : Check the automatic transcription of a video.
You need to make sure that everything that is said and possibly written (inserts) in the video is transcribed correctly and without ambiguity.
You need to segment the content into short sentences, correct words misrecognized by the AI, check spelling and remove spoken language tics.
Excellent level of comprehension, spelling and grammar in at least one language.
This language must be your native language.
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Post-editor for translation
mission: Check the machine translation of a video.
Using the raw text as much as possible, you rewrite phrases that are confusing, correct meaning errors, and do light localization.
You also correct spelling, grammar, terminology, and machine mistakes.
Excellent level of comprehension, spelling and grammar in at least 2 languages: the source language and the target language.
The target language must be your native language.
To be SPOTL certified,
you have to go through 3 stages
Watch the tutorials
Learn about our expectations and methods by watching all our video tutorials
Take the MCQ
We ensure that you have understood and integrated our post-editing rules
Pass the tests
You take a 30-minute practice test on videos to be post-edited in the chosen language(s)
SPOTL has its own certifications for professional post-editors
Did you pass the tests? You are now SPOTL certified and have access to all the post-editing missions that match your profile
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Do you have the skills, and are you ready to undergo our three-step certification to become a SPOTL post-editor?