Automatic subtitling
Artificial intelligence applied to your subtitles
With SPOTL, you can transcribe your videos, translate them and generate your subtitles almost instantly and at a low cost.
You save time, money... and gain audience!
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Your subtitles generated in record time


Your videos subtitled in a few clicks


All your formats managed automatically


Much cheaper than traditional subtitling

Time saving
Spotl helps you gain productivity
Time saving
Thanks to spotl, you can generate transcriptions, translations and subtitles for your videos in the blink of an eye.
Because your time is valuable.
Automatic format management
Automatic management of your formats
Whatever the format of your video, your subtitles are optimally placed on the screen, without any intervention required from you.
Your subtitles will always fit.
Readability of your subtitles
Subtitle readability
The subtitles generated by spotl are optimized to comply with the constraints of professional subtitling.
Your subtitles are of much better quality.
Personalization of your subtitles
Subtitle customization
You can easily format your subtitles in accordance with your corporate identity.
Your subtitles are at your taste.
Automatic subtitle burning
Automatic subtitle burning
The burning of your subtitles is fully managed in the application.
You get a ready-to-use video in its original format and resolution.
Exports tailored to your needs
Once your subtitles are validated, you have a complete set of exports.
Your subtitle files are generated in broadcast format: SRT, VTT, XML (TTML), DOCX, XML (Final Cut Pro X), XML (Première).
Languages subject to automatic processing

Our choice is to activate only languages whose processing we have optimized.

-Brazilian Portuguese
-Simplified Chinese
On demand, we deploy new languages, always with the same high quality standards.
It's simple, it's SPOTL!

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